Key Points:

A toxic mould linked to respiratory problems and infant deaths in leaky homes has been found in a Wellington primary school.

The mould, believed to be stachybotrys, was discovered inside a wall during renovations at Brooklyn Primary. Experts wearing masks and protective clothing removed contaminated material over the school holidays.

One expert involved in the decontamination said stachybotrys, also known as black mould, was so common it was "becoming the new asbestos".

"This stuff actually moves faster than asbestos," said Mike Chesterfield, from All Asbestos & Installation. "As soon as you touch it, it's off, and it becomes quite dangerous quite quickly."

Many health organisations view stachybotrys as a health hazard, and there have been several major lawsuits relating to toxic mould exposure.

Brooklyn School did not want to make any comment.