Key Points:

He's 26, good-looking and won more than a million bucks on Lotto, but Travis reckons he's "bored as hell".

"I got so bored the other day I thought maybe I could walk from Cape Reinga to Southland, just for something to do."

The former retail worker, who scooped Lotto's First Division prize pool in May, takes about two minutes to spit out the old saying "money can't buy you everything".

But it does buy your own pad, a new motorbike, a flash spa pool, home entertainment products for Africa, and an expensive pedigree puppy. Not to mention a gleaming 1970s Holden Monaro.

Happiness wasn't part of the prize, though, says the Auckland bachelor. "A house is a house and a car is a car." Travis shrugs. "It's really not that important. Everyone around me keeps saying you're so lucky - but I still don't feel lucky, eh."

Travis, who spent a day visiting mates bearing handfuls of cash after collecting his winnings, is not the ungrateful type. On May 23, the day before the win, life was much worse.

On a sickness benefit after a bout of depression, the then-25 year old was down and out.

He was crashing on his brother's couch, broke and was nursing a broken heart, two weeks after his girlfriend of two years walked out.

Travis bought his own house within two weeks and moved his brother and his girlfriend in "so they can save for their own place".