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Key Points:

Social networking website Bebo admitted that a bug in its systems enabled users to view other people's private information, but claims it has been rectiified.

Phone numbers and addresses were made available as some of Bebo's 40 million users found themselves randomly switched to other people's accounts.

Account holders have a webpage where they display comments from friends, photos, videos, music and blogs. Their page also includes a list of their friends who are also on Bebo.

Bebo spokesperson Sarah Gavin admitted that a systems error occurred, but describes it as "a shortlived and isolated incident".

The computer 'bug' allowed users to see phone numbers, addresses and personal information belonging to other Bebo users.

Gavin says it was "was tackled immediately by our experienced engineering team."

A Dunedin man said the glitch also allowed someone to download pornography on to his Bebo page.

Users may select a "public profile" option so their page is visible to any other member or they may chose the "private profile" option so only friends can see the page.

But yesterday people logged in under their own accounts were switched over to other accounts, some people gaining access to more than 20.

A Dunedin student, Jake, blogged that he was switched on to a teenage girl's account from Christchurch and was able to access all her information.

His own account also became public and someone who was signed in under his name downloaded pornography to his page.

Another user, Marcus, said pornography had been loaded onto his brothers' Bebo page along with offensive sexual comments.

He said she was switched through eight other people's pages.

Roxanne said she found her profile showing National party leader John Key as a 'friend'.

"It turns out alot of people from the same group have been accepted as his friend - even though we didn't ask for it," she said in an email.

"I removed him - just because I didn't ask him to be my friend - no politics here!"

Jasmine said that while she didn't have the log-in problem, she knew other people who did, and was concerned about what could happen to her profile.

"I have personal info on my page, so I would be devastated if someone had gone onto my page and deleted it or downloaded pornography onto it."