Key Points:

New Zealand's youngest convicted killer, Bailey Junior Kurariki, was released from prison today, the Department of Corrections confirmed this afternoon.

In April, the Parole Board determined to release Kurariki this month, four months before his seven-year jail sentence ends in September saying it was likely to be safer for the community.

By releasing Kurariki before his sentence officially ended, the board was able to impose strict parole conditions on his release.

Kurariki was 12 when he and a gang of associates killed pizza delivery man Michael Choy by beating him with a baseball bat in September 2001.

Kurariki was convicted of manslaughter.

Following his release from Auckland's Paremoremo Prison today, Kurariki will be electronically monitored and will have to remain at a selected residential location 24 hours a day.

He must also attend ongoing psychological counselling and undertake any education or training recommended by his probation officer.

In July, he will have to appear before the Parole Board to ensure his parole conditions are being met.

The board reserves the right to recall Kurariki back to prison for the remainder of his sentence if there are any concerns.

The board said last month that releasing Kurariki under residential restrictions - with support from his family, the supervision of his family and probation officers, mentoring from a kaumatua, and special release conditions - "will not pose an undue risk to the safety of the community".