Key Points:

Name suppression was lifted on a 59-year-old man when he was sentenced for employing two under-age girls as prostitutes at a Christchurch suburban brothel next to a primary school.

He is Warren Wayne Thompson, who has had the suppression in place all through a court process that began more than two years ago.

Christchurch District Court Judge Graeme Noble today sentenced him to a year's home detention, ordered him to do 350 hours of community work and to make an $8000 donation.

The money will go to the Youth and Cultural Development Centre which provides services to young people who are at risk or who are getting involved in a cycle of offending.

Thompson had earlier admitted two charges of helping girls aged under 18 to provide commercial sexual services, two of receiving the earnings from commercial sexual services from girls aged under 18, two of receiving commercial sexual services from underage prostitutes, and one of supplying cannabis to a person aged under 18 - one of the girls named in the other charges.

He had been remanded for sentence with a request to see if his house was suitable for home detention. At the first sentencing session in December, the probation report said his house was not suitable because he had boarders staying there.

The latest report says Thompson now has an appropriate address.

The girls involved in the charges - who have permanent name suppression - were aged 14 and 16 at the time of the offences. The judge noted that the victim impact reports said both girls had now turned away from prostitution.