Key Points:

David Benson-Pope has lost his battle to stand again for the role of Dunedin South MP, in a party vote held today.

Dunedin South Labour Party members met to decide who they wanted to represent them at this year's election, and voted for elected official Clare Curran, who in the past worked for the Australian Council of Trade Unions.

Mr Benson-Pope resigned from Cabinet last year after weeks of controversy over his involvement in the Madeleine Setchell sacking last year.

After weeks of denying he had played any part in her removal as the Environment Ministry's head of communications - due to her partner Kevin Taylor being National leader John Key's press secretary - Mr Benson-Pope admitted he had not told the whole truth and resigned from Cabinet.

Party members today chose Ms Curran over Mr Benson-Pope and Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union president Don Pryde.

Ms Curran said she had mixed emotions at her win, after what had been a "very long day".

"It has been a big day, a big decision for the Labour Party," she told NZPA.

"I'm now focused on the campaign ahead."

Ms Curran paid tribute to Mr Benson-Pope, saying he had been a "very good member for nine years" and had played a strong role in Caucus and Cabinet.