Key Points:

Callum Thomson of Patoka, near Napier, is the 2007 Young Farmer of the Year.

The 30-year-old has beaten more than 300 other hopefuls to win the title at the final in Rotorua last night.

It was an intense occasion, with Mr Thomson coming out in a tie for first place. But he was eventually crowned the winner after a count back to the practical assessment.

Mr Thomson says he knew it was close, and when his name was read out he was ecstatic.

He says the title means a lot to him, as he has been working towards it for five years, and would not have been able to enter next year because of his age.

He has won more than $150,000 and a raft of other prizes to use on the family farm, where he works.

Mr Thomson says he will probably take tomorrow off.