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The daughter of Everest climber Rob Hall has fulfilled her dream to visit the base camp of the mountain on which her father died.

Sarah Arnold-Hall, 10, was not yet born when her father was caught 200m from the summit of the world's highest peak because he refused to abandon an ailing client as a storm blasted the mountain.

Sarah visited Nepal with her mother in 2003 for the 50th anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary's ascent and wanted to visit Everest base camp, which requires an arduous trek along trekking paths and then across the Khumbu glacier, the Press newspaper reported.

She was told she would have to wait until she was 10 to make the journey.

This week, Sarah made the trek with her mother and her 70-year-old great-uncle to the base camp where Adventure Consultants, the company Hall founded with mountain guide Gary Ball, was mounting its latest Everest expedition.

Also at the camp with the Arnolds was former base camp manager Helen Wilton, who used radios to patch Hall through to Arnold in Christchurch as he lay dying.