A former special needs pupil is suing the Ministry of Education for $1 million for loss of education, opportunities and trauma.

Daniel Anderson, now 21, was being home schooled when the ministry told his parents to send him to Mr Roskill Grammar in Auckland.

The claims says he was bullied, his special needs were not met and he was eventually expelled, the Sunday Star Times reports today.

Paul Pa'u, lawyer for the family, said Mr Anderson was mismanaged by staff at primary school and at Mt Roskill Grammar.

Mr Anderson was taken away from his primary school because his parents were concerned about how he was being treated.

His father, Eric Anderson, a mechanical engineer, oversaw his son's learning through the Correspondence School. In about 1998 the ministry stepped in saying the boy had to go to Mt Roskill Grammar.

Daniel Anderson, now aged 21, has the understanding of a young teenager.

He was eventually sent to a special education unit at Lynfield College from 2000 to 2005.

Ken Rapson, Mt Roskill Grammar's principal at the time, said ministry funding was not sufficient to provide Daniel Anderson with a full-time teacher aide,

"But, with the resources at the time, we did the best we could for him," said Rapson.

Jill Bond, the ministry's acting deputy secretary of special education, said Mr Anderson's claims were without merit.

The claims are to be heard in the High Court in Auckland next July.