The pivotal resource consent hearing on annual V8 Supercar racing in Hamilton will begin on November 6.

Hamilton City Council has applied to hold seven races, from 2008.

Tauranga independent commissioner Alan Withy will look over hundreds of community submissions in support and opposition, and will hear evidence from environmental experts about what impact the event will have on the city.

Noise, business access, traffic management, parking and other environmental complications - such as the removal of mature trees - are seen as the major impediments to the city getting the green light.

Although 234 people have filed submissions in support of the event, most of the focus is likely to centre on the 36 in opposition and expert evidence.

City council communications manager Sarah Bettle said talks with affected parties during the past few weeks had alleviated many concerns. Several of those not in favour of the race had since withdrawn and it was likely fewer than 10 people would make verbal submissions in opposition.

Earlier this year, the council notified about 4200 affected parties about the event, asking for feedback.

Then, in August - in an unprecedented move - Transit came out in support of the Hamilton event before the resource consent application had been notified.

When Wellington floated the idea of hosting the event in 2005, about 12,000 people made submissions.

By May of that year, the capital city dumped its proposal, due to concerns over time, cost and uncertainty surrounding resource consent approval.

Some of those against the Hamilton proposal are concerned about the cost to city ratepayers.

There is uncertainty about what the true cost will be, as millions of dollars in "sponsorship fees" will be tied up in commercial arrangements between the council, promoters and the Australian Supercar governing body.

The council has said it will spend $7 million on infrastructure, which is required to bring the street circuit up to standard.

But it will not disclose the value of the sponsorship deal, saying the funds will come from the "city promotion" budget, worth $25 million over 10 years.

Public concerns over cost, however, are not the domain of the independent commissioner.


* If resource consent is approved, the annual V8 Supercar event will be staged in Hamilton from April 2008 to 2014.

* The race and qualifying events will be held over three days.

* Daily crowd attendance will be capped at 65,000 in the first year, moving up to 80,000 in subsequent years.

* The local economy is expected to benefit by $156 million.