Personal politics appears to be plumbing new depths, with the imminent publication of a magazine article casting doubt on the sexuality of the Prime Minister's husband.

An issue of Investigate magazine due out tomorrow will feature what it calls the 'Peter Davis case'.

The article includes images of Mr Davis in an election night embrace with another man.

However the pictures of him hugging a man in a blue suit are not new - they were shown on TV soon after the election.

What has changed is what is apparently being read into them by Investigate editor Ian Wishart.

The Sunday Star-Times reported Mr Wishart as saying the magazine will ask its readers to identify the man in the suit.

Mr Wishart is also reported to be embarking on what might be called a fishing expedition to identify other friends and social contacts of Mr Davis.

The Star-Times however has identified the man in the suit. He is apparently an openly gay former Labour candidate, Ian Scott.

Dr Scott says he laughed when he first heard the suggestions although he is now reportedly furious at the obvious innuendo.

He makes it clear to the Sunday Star-Times there is no foundation for the intended slur whatsoever.