The infamous handbag that Tana Umaga used to hit Hurricanes team- mate Chris Masoe made an even bigger hit on Trade Me yesterday after bogus bidding on the bag and cellphone reached $100 million.

Trade Me was forced to contact bidders to sort out genuine bids on the small Roxy handbag and smashed cellphone Umaga used to reprimand Masoe at the Jolly Poacher after the Super 14 final in Christchurch.

About 9.30 last night, the top bid was $65,000 - well below $100 million but still well above the $1500 reserve owner Nichole Davis put on it. The auction is due to end at 7 tonight.

Last night Ms Davis told Campbell Live on TV3 that she paid about $50 for the bag a year ago. A workmate had suggested Trade Me as "good for a laugh and I honestly didn't think it would go as crazy as it has".

She said another person had told the media about the auction. She would not have done so herself.

"I would have called the insurance company and gotten a new phone and it would all be over."

Ms Davis said the rugby players had otherwise been well behaved at the pub, but a small incident had become a media circus.

Trade Me founder Sam Morgan said the problem of the huge bids was caused by "just a few silly buggers".

"The pandemonium surrounding the auction is causing a few people to lose their heads. ... It doesn't help that it is a Friday night and people are sitting at their PCs with a couple of beers."

He said Trade Me might have to repeat the culling of bogus bids today, if the same problem happened overnight after the customer support team finished work at 8pm.

"But if the community starts to riot and ruin it, it will be a shame."

Sure enough, three hours after the staff went home, the top bid had hit $100 million again.

Others were capitalising on the party - artist Ian K.S. Robertson put a painting of the handbag, the cellphone and press clipping on Trade Me. Last night bidding had reached $62.