The Herald on Sunday is investigating new complaints about stories written by former reporter John Manukia, sacked 10 days ago after he admitted fabricating an interview.

"In the past week, I have been approached by a number of people with concerns about the work of Mr Manukia," said editor Shayne Currie.

Mr Manukia's contract was terminated after the newspaper discovered he fabricated an interview with former South Auckland policeman Anthony Solomona.

An audit is under way into Mr Manukia's stories, and the circumstances which led to their publication. These stories include:

* A report on July 31 quoting a security consultant Rafael Travis. Attempts to locate or confirm Mr Travis' identity have been unsuccessful to date.

* A report, published on September 11, quoting a former police officer, Dave Parks. Police national headquarters reportedly has no former police officer of that name on its register.

* A report, published on October 9, quoting Neil Lamb, a "regular patron" at the Cosmopolitan Club at Himatangi Beach. The club's president said yesterday she had never heard of Mr Lamb and she believed he was a figment of someone's imagination.

"We will try to get to the bottom of these, hopefully with the help of Mr Manukia," said Currie. "He has told us that there was one instance of fabrication during his four months at the Herald on Sunday - but we are checking all of his articles."

Currie said that in all butone case, complainants had approached him in the pastweek, following the publication of the details of the fabricated Solomona interview.

Currie said readers would be kept fully informed about the results of the audit into Mr Manukia's work.

There was a possibility other agencies would be called in.

Fairfax - publishers of the Sunday News and Truth, where Mr Manukia used to work - also announced last week it was investigating articles that Mr Manukia wrote while he was employed there.