National MPs have muddled their lines on PC issues, just one day after party leader Don Brash created a new role of "political correctness eradicator".

Yesterday morning Wayne Mapp, the MP charged with the eradicator role, got off to an enthusiastic start by saying he planned to introduce a member's bill to Parliament to "fix" the Human Rights Commission.

Dr Mapp has named the commission, with the Privacy Commission and the Waitangi Tribunal, as public institutions he will target because they are excessively politically correct.

But just hours later National MP Paul Hutchison released a statement supporting the Human Rights Commission, the very institution Dr Mapp says needs "fixing".

Dr Hutchison, National's new disabilities issues spokesman, urged the Government to act on the commission's report on disabled people's access to public transport.

The crossed wires did not go unnoticed by Labour, with Education Minister Steve Maharey pointing out that Dr Mapp's own party had contradicted its policy within 24 hours. "Does he [Dr Mapp] support Dr Hutchison's call for improved access to public transport for the disabled, or Allan Duff's call ... for disabled people to get used to the idea that life is unfair?"

When National Party leader Don Brash announced the new role on Wednesday he also appeared somewhat foggy on exactly what Dr Mapp would be doing, referring media representatives to a speech Dr Mapp gave in June for clarification.

But Dr Mapp does seem to have a plan to remove political correctness, saying there needs to be a political programme to reverse it.

"There needs to be a commonsense strategy that deals with the central issue: what to do about those state institutions that foster ideas of political correctness."

Former Race Relations Conciliator Gregory Fortuin said he thought Dr Brash and Dr Mapp were decent people, but he "didn't have a clue what they are on about". Mr Fortuin said he would be ringing Dr Mapp to find out details about the role.

"I would love to know what it is and if it is something that will make us a better society I will absolutely support it. If, however, this is an excuse to return to the days when we can be offensive to minorities then I think it is pretty sad."

What the National Party thinks of the Human Rights Commission:

Version One
: Here's an organisation that has a set of values pretty much divorced from the mainstream - Wayne Mapp on breakfast radio

Version Two
: The Clark/Peters Government must act on the recommendations of a Human Rights Commission report and improve access to public transport for the disabled - Paul Hutchison a few hours later