The Exclusive Brethren-driven pamphlet campaign to change the Government has hit overdrive.

Auckland residents have reported up to four pamphlets dropped in letter boxes overnight, including one that seems to use the All Blacks to push a case for tax cuts.

The leaflet says: "If you get back your share of the $7 billion surplus you could fly to Aussie and watch the All Blacks every time!"

Two other pamphlets attack the Green Party and Labour healthcare policy in a new format, and one targets several themes.

The All Blacks pamphlet was authorised by M. Powell, a name identified last week on a list of Exclusive Brethren members.

Exclusive Brethren member Nevill Simmons said last night that he had no comment on the latest pamphlets.

Labour MP Pete Hodgson said the content of the latest pamphlets indicated that the Exclusive Brethren had teamed up with the National Party.

"They are now pushing all the same buttons National is pushing. This very wealthy cult has teamed up with a major political party, and the leader of that party expects the public to believe he has not discussed their activities with them," he said.

A spokeswoman for National leader Don Brash said neither he nor the party had any involvement "in the preparation of these pamphlets".