Helen Clark is hosting the second visit in a matter of weeks by a European prime minister.

Norway's Kjell Bondevik is here for two days of official duties in Wellington and Auckland. It is the first visit by a Norwegian PM.

Mr Bondevik has been meeting with the Cabinet during the morning, prior to attending an official luncheon in his honour.

Helen Clark said Norway and New Zealand have a lot in common.

She said Mr Bondevik's visit would be an excellent opportunity to canvass a range of international and regional issues.

The two countries were scheduled to sign a new working holiday agreement this afternoon.

Helen Clark not long ago hosted Swedish Prime Minister Goran Persson.

She said she wants to learn from Mr Bondevik how to increase New Zealand's role as a peace maker and said they have discussed the increasing role of religion in global conflict.

Norway is internationally renowned for its involvement in peace talks, including Sudan, Guatemala, the Balkans and extensively in the Middle East.

Mr Bondevik said hosting inter-faith dialogue is about increasing awareness.

He said those with religious convictions should be the first to understand others who also have beliefs.

Helen Clark said New Zealand was looking at initiating more inter-faith talks in the Asia-Pacific region.