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Vaccine Tracker: How many Kiwis have been vaccinated?

NZ Herald

On December 16, Ministry of Health officials announced New Zealand had cracked the 90 per cent full vaccination milestone. One day earlier, Counties Manukau DHB hit 90 per cent, meaning all three of Auckland's DHBs have hit the milestone.

These graphics track the vaccine rollout's progress.

This graph below shows how close each DHB is to the target in terms of first and second vaccine doses. When the solid blue bar reaches the dotted vertical line it means that 90 per cent of the eligible population is fully vaccinated.

The table above displays the same data in greater detail. While the How close is each DHB to 90%? interactive show the percentage of partially vaccinated people, this table shows the total percentage of people receiving their first dose.

The table above outlines the vaccination status of people who contracted Covid-19 during the last fortnight. It suggests that vaccinated people are far less likely to become Covid-19 cases or become hospitalised than unvaccinated people.

The next bar chart shows how many people have received the vaccine each day since the rollout began in late February.

The rollout started slowly but picked up during July when more people became eligible for the vaccine. On August 17 the country moved to Alert Level 4 following the detection of a delta variant community case. This prompted large increases in daily vaccination rates, culminating in New Zealand's first ever 'Vaxathon' on October 16. Post-vaxathon, daily rates have slipped to early August levels.

Vaccinations are not evenly distributed across the country. The Top Towns interactive table shows how many people have received a first and second dose of the Pfizer vaccine by territorial authority. Click the heading labels to sort by different columns.

There are also differences in terms of ethnicity. Māori and Pacific Peoples have the lowest uptake to date.

There a strong relationship between age and the likelihood someone has received a vaccination. Younger people are far less likely to be vaccinated than older people.