Stop in the name of ducks!

Motorists in Whakatane today were in for a rare but very cute sight when a police officer stopped traffic to help a mother duck and her ducklings cross the road.

In video footage captured by a passenger, the unidentified officer and a member of the public are seen standing at a crossing with a family of ducks at their feet.

The officer puts a hand up to stop oncoming traffic, all the while gently directing the ducks to the other side of the road.


In the background, a person can be heard gushing over the scene in front of them.


"You don't see that every day, aye?"

As cars on both sides stop, the officer turns towards the vehicle and smiles, before giving an appreciative thumbs up.

The video was taken by local woman Marylou Bruys, who has been a driving instructor in the Eastern Bay of Plenty for more than 13 years.

Bruys, who was taking a lesson at the time, later shared the video online.

"This is so cute. I have never seen this in all my years as a driving instructor.

"Just now at The Strand, in town, a mother duck and her ducklings helped crossing the road - at a crossing, no less - by a member of the public and a policeman.

"Pure gold.''