Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has hit back at claims from the Opposition that hers is a Government of "good intentions but poor outcomes".

National Leader Simon Bridges attacked the Government in a speech yesterday outlining National's plans for New Zealand.

As well as promising that a National Government would implement no new taxes, he took aim at the cost of living – pointing the finger at the Government.

Bridges said the cost of living was rising due to the axing of National's tax cuts, combined with rising petrol prices and rents, which flow on to make everything else more expensive.


But speaking at her post-Cabinet press conference, Ardern rejected those claims.

"I think our work to improve the wages of those on the lowest and middle incomes has been significant."

She referenced a number of Government policies she said was contributing to this.

"[Bridges] fails to take into account this is a Government that has increased the minimum wage; some of which are among the lowest paid workers."

She said this would benefit some of the lowest paid workers in the country.

In April this year, the Government increased the minimum wage to $16.50 an hour. That would be incrementally increased to $20 an hour, by 2021.

Ardern also referenced the winter energy payment – an extra payment to help with the cost of heating homes over the winter months – the Government introduced this year.

The working for families tax credit scheme was another policy introduced by the Government Ardern said was helping those on the lowest incomes.

She said that policy would benefit more than 380,000 families.

Ardern also made mention of the increase to paid parental leave, which would be extended to 26 weeks by July 2020.

"I see no suggestions from the leader of the Opposition of how he would match those kinds of increases," she said.

Bridges also promised to kill off any capital gains tax that the current Government might bring in.

This did not surprise Ardern said, who said this was a hypothetical, as nothing in that area had been decided.

The Tax Working Group is in the process of deciding whether to recommend the Government adopts capital gains.