Around the country, mayors elected in October 2016 are reaching the half-way point in their three-year terms.

Local Focus video journalist Hunter Calder spoke with long-term Hauraki Mayor John Tregidga who's been leading the Hauraki District for the last 14 years.

At the age of 69, John Tregidga says he's got "the best job in the world".

But with 33 years under his belt in local government, he's admitting publicly for the first time that his fifth term is likely to be his last.


"I'm a realist at my age," Tregidga said. "I may just take it a little bit easier so this may be my last [term].

"I haven't definitely decided that but I think there will probably be a good chance and I think most people know that... I think you need to know when it's time to move on."

With that in mind, he said there's still plenty to do in the next 16 months, mainly in relation to the District Plan and infrastructure, and particularly wastewater treatment plants.

"I want to sort a few of the rules out that we haven't got right. It all ties in with making new subdivisions, industrial subdivisions to create employment to create industry," Tregidga said.

"In the next 10 years or so, it's about $43 million our council would have to spend upgrading wastewater treatment plants against a population just on 20,000".

He said it's not affordable and he is hoping the new government will step in to assist the district financially.

In 2017, the Hauraki Plains flood was a big event and Tregidga said communication with residents was not as good as it could have been.

But in the storm which hit the Firth of Thames and badly damaged hundreds of homes in January this year, Tregidga said the council was better prepared to respond, communicate with those affected, and help.

Tregidga said he was most proud about turning the district around and seeing it through the start of the population growth in the area.

He said having the Hauraki Bike Trail is now a huge part of the district.

"When I do hang up the coat I'll be pretty proud. I'm pretty proud of this district. It's a great place."

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