He survived the River Queen shoot, the car crash, the reviews, but has Cliff Curtis developed a dangerous taste for risk-taking? Curtis is returning to that most tricky of all acting genres - the stage - for the reworking of Mike Mizrahi and Marie Adams' legendary The Holy Sinner, for Wellington's International Festival of the Arts.

The Holy Sinner, for those who weren't around at the time, was a breathtaking production way back in 1994 at the Auckland Harbour Board's Old Iron Foundry, and was awarded the Chapman Tripp Theatre Award for most innovative production of the year. Curtis plays two roles, Gregorius/Wiligus, in the revamped show which promises "huge battle scenes, sinful love-making, foul-mouthed fisher folk".

Mia Blake, Bruce Hopkins, Madeline Sami, Ian Hughes and many others also star, and it's on at Wellington's St James Theatre from March 11 to 13.