Cathrine Tuivaiti has let rip at Netball New Zealand after signing with the Adelaide Thunderbirds.

The former Silver Ferns shooter missed out on a spot in this year's trials, prompting her decision to up sticks and switch to the Australian domestic competition.

She moved down to the Pulse this year in a bid to re-start her international career, but coach Janine Southby told Radio Sport there were some off-court issues of concern.

Tuivaiti told D'Arcy Waldegrave on Radio Sport that she can live with not being selected but the lack of communication hurts.


"Not being selected in the Silver Ferns isn't very nice - I don't even get a look in which hurts even more, but it is something I can definitely live with. What disappoints the hell out of me is that I've had no communication, I've had no reasons."

Netball New Zealand Head of High Performance Keir Hansen defended the organisation's communication issues.

"We obviously try to communicate with our players as well as we possibly can, and make the standards that we're looking for as clear as possible," Hansen told Radio Sport.

"We're always looking to improve, and if there's things we can learn then that's great, but in saying that I'm also comfortable that our standards and expectations are communicated well."

Tuivaiti says Southby's "off-court issues" explanation didn't sit well with her.

"Reading that I have some off-court issues makes me out to be a bad guy. Yes I have a foul mouth but I'm a good person and I do as much as I can for my teammates and for my country. I don't know what that's about but I'm not happy about it."

"My persona on the outside based purely on facial features and my resting bitch face makes me out to be kinda grumpy but that's not me. I'm willing to do anything - I moved from the Mystics after years, because I thought that was what it was. I don't think it's fair and it's not true at all."

However, Hansen clarified that off-court issues could have been refer to Tuivaiti's conditioning.

"When we talk about off-court things we talk about things like your level of physical conditioning. We're really clear on what standards are required for various positions to deliver at international level."

Tuivaiti led the ANZ Premiership in shooting percentage at 95 per cent, but Hansen explained the other factors that the selectors look for in their shooters.

"The selectors are not just looking for accuracy, they're looking for volume and where they're shooting from. When the coaches talk to the players, those are the sort of things they talk about with them."

Tuivaiti is waiting for a full report on the knee injury suffered playing for the Pulse in Super Club last week, and says she will still get behind the Silver Ferns.

"I don't hold any grudges, I'm not upset about the selection, [but] I think the process is really upsetting and I don't think we need to be treating people, let alone our own netballers, like this."