New Zealand musician Anderson Rocio's song has racked up tens of thousands of listens after it featured in a popular Netflix show.

Auckland-based Rocio's song Paradise features in the fifth episode of Lucifer season five, screening on Netflix in New Zealand. According to Netflix's charts it publishes for its customers, the show is currently number one on the platform in NZ.

Thanks to its TV feature, the song has seen Lucifer viewers use the Shazam app to find the song. The song is charting in the top 200 worldwide on Shazam, and has so far seen over 69,000 people use the service to find the song.

Fans have also flocked to the YouTube lyric and music videos to listen to the track, with combined views for the clips tipping over 45,000 views at the time of writing.

Lesley-Ann Brandt in a scene from Lucifer. Photo / Supplied
Lesley-Ann Brandt in a scene from Lucifer. Photo / Supplied

The 26-year-old told the Herald she finds it "crazy" that that many people picked up their phones to find out what song was playing while watching. Rocio has also been inundated with positive comments from the show's fans about the song.

She said of the show's Netflix ranking: "I knew it was a popular show, but I didn't know it was the most popular show!".

Lucifer is based on The Sandman comics.

Rocio says the song initially got a spike in 10,000 YouTube the views the day after the episode was released, and it has kept gaining momentum from there. She says she has gained around 600 new subscribers on her channel.

The songwriter was also impressed with the song's placement, in a pivotal scene in the show. The song plays during a scene featuring the character Mazikeen, played by actress Lesley-Ann Brandt. Rocio is signed to a licensing deal with THINK Music Inc, so is used to the possibility of having her songs used for television. However, how the song is used in the show caught her by surprise.

"I think a lot of times [songs] become background music, but the placement for this is amazing."

She says the song's themes speak to what a lot of people may be going through right now.

"I think it's the kind of song that emphasises the happy and the sad things that are going on right now, everybody's in that mood, and perhaps that's what's made the connection for people."


On social media, Rocio shared her reaction to hearing her song play in Lucifer.

"Unbelievable that Paradise managed to find its way in there on one of the coolest shows out," she wrote on her Instagram account.

Several Lucifer viewers have commented on her social media to share with her how much they liked the song.

"Honestly so damn good, I had to hunt down the song on Spotify," one person commented.

Another wrote: "As soon as I heard the song I had to look it up."

"Made me stop watching Lucifer, just to look it up!", an additional user said.


Rocio is half Spanish and half American and was born in Italy. She spent most of her childhood in the UK before her family set off to sail halfway around the world on a 44ft catamaran, eventually settling in Queenstown, the bio on her website says.

She holds a Bachelor of Music from Otago University and moved to Los Angeles shortly after graduating to write and record her first EP.

The music video for Paradise was filmed on an iPhone during New Zealand's first lockdown. Rocio said her plans to return to LA with her husband are on hold for now due to the pandemic.