Friends of a young Wellington punk band thought they were playing a prank when they landed the opening slot for tonight's Foo Fighters show.

Punk four-piece Ayn Randy have just 237 Facebook followers and one album on bandcamp - but they'll be opening the show, in front of thousands of fans, for the international rock heavyweights.

Guitarist and vocalist Bonnie Tonkin says landing the spot at such a huge concert was "bewildering".

"Our friends thought it was a joke," she says, "It's an entirely new experience for us, hopefully it's a good one. We're pumped though."


Ayn Randy landed the slot after the Australian tour promotor for the Foo Fighters/Weezer tour contacted Auckland-based tour promoter Chicks that Scream, asking for suggestions for local support.

Foo Fighters reportedly select all their opening bands, and Ayn Randy happened to be their favourite pick.

"Maybe everyone else said no first though?" Tonkin jokes. "We've heard they like punk bands."

Tonkin says the biggest show they've played before this would have been their album release at Wellington's Newtown Bowling Club, so it's safe to say performing at the 40,000-capacity Mt Smart Stadium is a major step up.

"We're nervous already," she says. "We don't like to think about how much more nervous we'll be on Saturday afternoon."

And will they get to meet Dave Grohl?

"We don't know," says Tonkin. "Our friends and co-workers keep asking us that too. How do shows like this work?"