A rapper accused of handing out 100 cannabis joints to the crowd at Rhythm and Vines last week is happy with the promotion created by the scandal but said they were just cigarettes.

A YouTube video showing Diaz Grimm giving out what he claimed were joints had attracted several thousand hits on before it was removed.

A Herald on Sunday story said police said they were investigating and charges could follow for the New Zealand rapper.

Neither the musician nor his manager returned calls from the Herald on Sunday but Diaz Grimm posted on his Facebook page and Twitter last night that "They were only cigarettes - Wanted some extra promo - Thanks NZ Herald."


The post has received Facebook 'likes' and support from fans.

The Herald on Sunday spoke to Rhythm and Vines spokeswoman Sara Cairney who said the incident at the show and the video footage could have been a stunt to attract attention.

Organisers only became aware of the incident after the festival had ended.

"So now we need to look at how it happened, and most importantly how to prevent it happening in future," she said.

"We do not condone drug use at our festival and do work closely with police on this. We will be having a full debrief with both gate security and stage management."

The Herald on Sunday said one festival-goer claimed online the joints were made up of leaf rather than the more potent "skunk" or hydroponic forms of the drug.

Before the festival, police announced a crackdown on drug use. On Saturday a police spokesperson told the Herald on Sunday: "we are aware of the situation and are looking into what, if anything, can be done."