Katie Nash is gearing up for the performance of a decade as StarJam celebrates 10 years.

StarJam gives young people with disabilities a moment in the spotlight, with celebrity support.

On November 25 the organisation will perform LiveJam, a Live Aid-style 10th anniversary performance.

Nash, 24, will take to the stage with former True Bliss star and New Zealand Idol judge Megan Alatini.


Nash, who works in the office at St Mary's College in Ponsonby, will sing Whitney Houston's The Greatest Love of All with Alatini.

Nash meets every week for a StarJam session and is a member of the Velvet Vocals.

"It's fun," she says. "It gives me a chance to hang out with other young people with disabilities."

Alatini is excited about returning to the stage after being in Japan with rugby player husband Peter.

"I'm all for performing, especially when it's young ones who feel isolated or displaced," she said.

"Being the 10th anniversary, it's a pretty special time."

LiveJam is a series of concerts in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and Christchurch. Fans who can't make it on the day can watch the concert online at starjam.org/livejam.

Other celebrities taking part including Simon Dallow, Ray Woolf and Shane Cortese.