Devil horns are in the air as Shihad rip through the electrifying riff for You Again, with amp volumes at chest-rattling levels.

With kids hoisted onto shoulders and people nodding their heads while snacking on drinks and sausages, it looks very much like any other Shihad show.

Except it's not. The Wellington rockers are playing in the car park of the Manukau Police Station to a crowd of around 200 police staff and family members.

They were there this afternoon thanks to custody officer Jackie Surridge, who won a radio competition to have the band play for her and her workmates.


Apparently her office is "the meanest" in the country.

Shihad, who kick off on an eight-date nationwide tour in Hamilton on Thursday, ripped through a typically energetic 40-minute set.

The setlist, chosen by Surridge, included staples like Home Again and Comfort Me, but also took in older songs Factory and Yr Head is a Rock.

Toogood managed to keep his shirt on, but exclaimed after bruising closer My Mind's Sedate: "I hope that made your Tuesday afternoon cool, cos it made mine very cool."

Shihad's Meanest tour will include the band playing b-sides and rare tracks in a two hour show split into two parts.

A documentary film on the band is due out later this year.