Taylor Swift is ending her world tour in Auckland on ' />

Yes, you did read the headline correctly, America's wholesome country-pop glamour gal Taylor Swift is ending her world tour in Auckland on March 16 at Vector Arena. According to her website, she has sold out her North American tour until November.

Also announced this week is a tour by American R&B singer and record producer Joe, who is performing at Vector Arena on Thursday, September 15. He will perform hits from his eight studio albums, including Don't Wanna Be a Player and the collaboration with G-Unit Ride Wit U as well as new tracks from his forthcoming album The Good, The Bad, The Sexy.

Queens of R&B The Pointer Sisters are returning, performing with a full band (when they were here with Robin Gibb they had a backing tape) at The Civic in Auckland on November 22 and Wellington's TSB Arena on November 23.

Locally, Fly My Pretties has announced the line-up for their October and November tour. The usual members like Barnaby Weir, Anna Coddington and Age Pryor are joined by new faces including Flip Grater, Aaron Tokona and Fran Kora. The show features new songs, a new narrative and new visuals. Opening in Dunedin on October 29, it moves to Christchurch then Auckland, with performances on November 10, 11 and 12 at the Mercury Theatre, and finishes in Wellington on November 19.


- TimeOut