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Dance music may not be as fashionable these days but those still into its jazzy, funky strains will find loads of good times on the fourth album from Matt Chicoine.

The Detroit native, who settled in New Zealand seven years ago, has been embraced as part of the local music scene, defying his name with music designed for socialising. A song like


Deeper Waters

, with Joe Dukie, Warren Maxwell and members of Fat Freddys Drop shows Recloose can balance the techy sound of his homeland with the laidback vibe of Aotearoa. No, it's not quite perfect timing for a release that could have been a summer slammer five years ago. But Recloose will revive your taste for noodly, bottom-heavy party tunes.

Steeped in late 70s, early 80s funk, and coloured with bongos, brass and squelching Moog keys, it's a beautifully produced album that pays exquisite attention to detail, whether it's his consistently inventive beats, fun, spacey effects or clever use of vocal talent.

And damn, he knows how to get his groove on, from the punchy nu-jazz of

Can It Be

, the deeply funky

So Cool

with Tyna, or the skittish

Emotional Funk

. Even when the lyrics are no more than a "doo-doot-doo" motif (

Soloman's Alive

) you'll find it difficult to sit still, which is just as well as he's about to set out on national tour with his band.




US expat will revive your inner beatnik