The Hangover

star Ken Jeong doesn't really seize the opportunity to deliver an excruciatingly funny set or to push stand-up into bold new places here. Instead, he leans into the lazy "star recounts becoming a star" format, while also finding time to drop a lot of Hollywood names and give shout-outs to everyone who's ever cast him in anything.

Underneath that, however, is a sweet, touching story about battling odds, believing in your dreams and the power of love.

If that all sounds far too sappy don't worry, there are also a lot of dick jokes if that's more your thing...


But is any of it funny? Well.... it's not without its moments. An early bit of crowd work that sees an increasingly flustered Jeong realising he's surrounded by Hos is pretty good.

It's prudent to note here, that Ho is the surname of Tran, Jeong's wife. And, as it turns out, a fairly common Asian surname. You should be able to spot the gag Jeong runs with here from a mile away and boy does he run it into the ground throughout the special.

So, though it's lazy, Jeong's story is interesting as he recounts the turmoil of his life at the time of his big break - he was working a day job he hated as a doctor and doing his best to support Tran through her breast cancer treatment - and how he almost turned down the role in The Hangover. It would, he gleefully admits, change their life.

He riffs on the reaction his breakthrough character Leslie Chow got from the Asian community (not good) and where he's at with everything now following the cancellation of his sitcom Dr Ken and subsequent appearance in the blockbuster comedy Crazy Rich Asians.

Jeong swings from being almost unbearable thanks to an abundance of Ricky Gervais style "I'm rich" gags to being extremely likeable and genuine as he details that harrowing period of his life as Tran battled cancer.

So what you have here is an excellent anniversary speech, but a decidedly average comedy special.


Ken Jeong



Jon M. Chu

Running time:

62 minutes




An excellent anniversary speech but a decidedly average comedy special.