The first Deadpool movie was a grenade lobbed into the stagnating superhero genre.

While Marvel was striving to appeal to everyone and their Grandma and DC was brooding sulkily in the dark, Deadpool flipped two fingers to the pair of them and blew up everything that big-budget superhero films were supposed to be.

Now, two years and approximately 73 superhero films later, we have the all-but-guaranteed sequel. Let's not muck about; Deadpool 2 is awesome and you should go to see it. Especially if, like me, you're suffering from a bad case of superhero fatigue. It could be good for what ails ya.

For my money, the John Wick franchise has the best action films going right now, so the hiring of David Leitch, one of its co-directors, to helm Deadpool 2 was a boss move. The action sequences here are inventive, visceral and high-octane. They're also infused with plenty of laugh-out-loud humour.


The film builds on the first one, but having seen it is not a requirement. As a good sequel should everything here is bigger - the scope, the cast of characters and the action - but the stakes remain personal. The world is not at risk of ending if Deadpool fails to save the day. Although - with a nifty work around that nullifies their powers - it is very much life or death for our heroes.

Reynolds again nails it as "the merc with a mouth", and Josh Brolin is, as expected, superb, bringing a grizzled impatience to his time travelling character Cable. But it's Julian Dennison who threatens to steal the film in a part far bigger and more complex than the trailers would suggest.

Deadpool 2 is pure popcorn entertainment, filled with big action and big laughs. It's wildly irreverent, incredibly funny and gleefully embraces its over the top violence. Recommended, obviously.

Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Julian Dennison
Director: David Leitch
Running time: 119mins
Rating: R16 (Graphic violence, sexual references & offensive language)
Verdict: Crudely funny, hugely violent, and massively entertaining.