The Golden Globes nominations announced overnight were mostly predictable, with acclaimed Civil War drama Lincoln gaining seven award nods.

But there were also many nominations and omissions that left critics scratching their heads. Here are the top suprises and snubs of the 2013 Golden Globes.

1. Who needs a hero?
Skyfall, the third Bond film to feature Daniel Craig, had reviewers and fans raving. That wasn't enough to sway The Hollywood Foreign Press Association judges, who gave the film a Globes nomination for the original song Skyfall sung by Adele and nothing else. Other acclaimed superhero/action movies received a similar fate, with Looper, The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers all left out. The cast and crew of all these films will have to be content swimming in vast vats of cash.

2. Game of Thrones shut out
Game of Thrones is about as good as it gets for big budget TV, with a sprawling storyline playing out against the backdrop of an intricately designed fantasy world. The show won Peter Dinklage a best actor Globe for its first season last year, but its second season was good for a big fat zero nominations in 2012 despite receiving rave reviews.


3. No hope for Hooper

Tom Hooper won a best director Oscar for his film The King's Speech last year. This year his follow up Les Miserables is contending for four Golden Globes including best drama. However, Hooper has been left out of the best director race entirely.

4. And no recognition for the rebirth of Matthew McConaughy

The man who built a career on bad rom-coms and taking his shirt off turned in a surprise stellar year with great performances in Magic Mike, Bernie, The Lincoln Lawyer and especially Killer Joe. That wasn't enough to make judges forget The Wedding Planner. No nominations for you McConaughy. Probably fair.

5. Salmon fishing where?

In the Yemen apparently. The comedy starring Ewan McGregor met a lukewarm reception and faded from cinema screens rapidly. That hasn't stopped a barnstorming Golden Globes revival, with nominations for best comedy or musical film and best actor and actress nods for its stars McGregor and Emily Blunt.

6. Mad Men no longer the chosen one

The acclaimed HBO drama starring Jon Hamm as Don Draper vacuumed up Emmys and Golden Globes over recent years. A new day has dawned. Hamm is back with a best actor nomination but he failed to drag the rest of his cast or his show into contention.

7. Kidman's antics impress judges

Nicole Kidman's film The Paperboy was blasted for being overwrought and incoherent. Its most lasting impact on film ended up being a scene where Kidman peed on a jellyfish-stung Zac Efron. Her commitment impressed Hollywood Foreign Press judges, who followed the Screen Actors Guild in nominating her for best supporting actress.

8. The Walking Dead dies, will not come alive

Apparently, the Globes judges also stopped watching after the 42nd episode the heroes of The Walking Dead spent stuck on Hershel Greene's farm. The series has reportedly picked up since its season two nadir, building its audience with an action packed and thrilling third season. Its revival did not come in time to score it a Globes nod.

9. Django Unchained and excelling

Quentin Tarantino's slave revenge flick gained nominations for best picture, drama, best director, best screenplay, and two for best supporting actor (Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio). It could end up being this year's version of Tarantino's nazi revenge flick Inglourious Basterds.
10. Streep yes, De Niro no

Meryl Streep gained a best actress award nomination for forgettable comedy-drama Hope Springs, proving she could star in a Sensodyne commercial and still get nominated for a Golden Globe. Acting great Robert De Niro meanwhile did not get nominated for his role in the much heralded Silver Linings Playbook. Go figure.