Defending Bathurst champion David Reynolds has revealed the time pop megastar Justin Bieber tried to make a pass at his girlfriend.

At the launch of this year's Bathurst 1000, Reynolds told the Daily Telepgraph that his model girlfriend Tahan Lew-Fatt once had a call from the Canadian musician.

"He (Bieber) Facetimed my missus. I don't know how he ended up on her phone, but it was really awkward".

"They were talking for maybe a minute, that was it."


The paper reports Bieber invited Lew-Fatt to his Melbourne concert, an offer she refused.

The Supercars driver has in the past admitted he's a Holden while Lew-Fatt, "is a Ferrari".

As part of the official launch for the October 7 race, Reynolds told the Herald that last year's victory still hasn't sunk in.

"I actually still don't believe I've won," said Reynolds whose co-driver was Luke Youlden.

"It just feels different. When I look at the Bathurst winners, they're all legends and they've got heaps of accolades in the sport and I just don't feel like I'm that person yet. It's weird.

"Bathurst is notoriously hard to win and the hardest race of the year. The whole week takes it out of you. It's nuts. Basically, it's a sprint race the whole day."

Reynolds went on to say, that for the defence of his Bathurst title he has the same car, same team, same co-driver, same strategy and same mind set so things should go okay.

However, that race has broken more hearts than entire championships put together. There are just so many variables on that mountain that no one has any control over that you need to have Lady Luck riding shotgun with you.

"Hopefully we are professional enough and skilled enough to get on top of any anomaly that might arise. There are so many variables that week, but we were lucky last year because the car rolled out of the truck with a lot of pace.

"Generally, if you start with a fast car you can generally stay at the top. The best luck you can have at Bathurst is no luck. You don't want good luck [having to rely on it] and you don't want bad luck.

"If you've got a fast car, do all your pit stops right and are up the front for the last stint you're in with a chance," said Reynolds.