First time Targa pairing Jo and June Worth have joined the Targa South Island as a practice run for competing further afield over the next two years. Daughter Jo, from Auckland, is the driver with mum (June) navigating and giving the directions in a beautiful classic Volvo sedan.

The pair entered the Targa Tour, a concurrent but non-competitive event in the Targa South Island event but June had to head back home to Sydney on urgent business so Jo has continued on with a substitute co-driver.

"Mum (June) asked me to be her driver and help fulfil her dream of driving the 6th Peking to Paris Motor Challenge in 2016," explained Jo. "So we have set out on a plan which included competing in the 2014 Alpine Classic a couple of weeks ago in New South Wales."

Next event for the Worths is the Road to Mandalay which starts 1 February 2015 in Singapore before winding its way through Malaysia, Thailand and into Burma, ending 24 days later in Rangoon.

"We are really looking forward to heading up to Asia. So joining the Targa is great preparation for what we want to do over the next couple of years."

The car of choice is a 1968 Volvo Amazon 1225 bought 12 months ago in Auckland. "Mum saw this type of car in a documentary, loved it and we set about finding one. This one was already in Auckland so we purchased it."

Both are new to motorsport but age has not been a deterrent. "I'm loving it and having a great time," commented Jo. "It doesn't surprise me as I have loved driving all my life."

The Targa Tour has gained momentum over the years and this time sees over 70 cars in this category with many expensive supercars, performance road cars through to classic Ford Escorts and Lotus Cortinas.

Participants are able to drive their cars on closed roads known as special stages without the fear of speeding fines or traffic coming in the opposite direction, but with some restrictions including a limited and monitored top speed.