The lines are getting a bit blurry, and I'm not talking about our dubious road markings that disappear when it rains.

I mean the lines that define various types of vehicles, what they're expected to do and ultimately what to expect from them.

Big cars have had their day for all but highly important people doing the sort of highly important things that you need a massive car to do.

Medium-sized sedans are shaky but they're still selling, albeit in reducing numbers.
Hatchbacks are holding steady and little SUVs are on a fast track - there's a vehicle for every taste, for budgets from tiny to terrifying and spec sheets that would have been laughed out of carmakers' boardrooms five or six years ago.


Today's cover car, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, is full of features that traditionally would have been showpieces for its stablemates. It comes down to a heightened expectation of what we should have in a car, regardless of its price.

And with these Swiss Army knife-style multi-purpose SUVs blurring the lines even further, I shudder to think what we'll be demanding of manufacturers in years to come. Either way, I reckon I'll side with the Autobots.

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