Jono Pryor, host of Rock Drive radio and TV3’s Jono and Ben at Ten, loves his leaky Holden

What do you drive?

It's a 1975 Holden Kingswood. It came from Cromwell seven years ago in the delicious colour of "poo brown" and was covered in rust. It leaks when it rains. Last year I changed the engine from a 202 to a 350 Chev and the petrol station loves it.

What was your first car?
A Mazda 323 Turbo I bought off my mate, Rob.

Your dream car?
I think I'm driving it! Have always dreamed of owning a Kingswood.


Manual or automatic?
I was a manual person because that's all I had driven. But when I swapped out the engine the car went from a "three on the tree" to automatic shifter. It is damn handy driving around town.

What's the worst thing you have put your car through for your job?
I blame my colleague, Ben, for any of that. He's smashed it with a cricket ball machine, painted it pink, filled the thing with lollies. It has been through a lot.

Most memorable road trip?
With my wife, Jen, and our mates, Sara and Mark. We went to Taupo and the radiator was pumped. Made for a long scenic trip.

Who else is allowed behind the wheel of your car?
Anyone with arms, I'm not too fussed. It takes a bit to get used to the magnificent non-power steering system, though.

What do you listen to in your car?
Ironically I don't listen to anything, my stereo hasn't worked for years. At first it was annoying. Now I've just got used to listening to traffic and the voices in my head.

Recommend a great day trip out of Auckland:
Anywhere in the Coromandel - lovely journey and just down the road.

What irritates you about other drivers?
Nothing really. People drive how they drive, that's what makes driving fun. It would be boring if we were all brilliant at driving. I'm always running late for everything so I get impatient at people but it isn't their fault.

Do you judge people by what they drive?
Not really. Driving can stress you out but when you think about it, what is a few seconds of inconvenience in the grand scheme of things?

Personalised plates? Do you have one/what do you think of them?
No I haven't got one, still got the original black licence plate from the 70s. I like personalised plates but don't get me started on their radio commercials.

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- As told to Mathieu Day