When you're a kid, playing with cars is a good way to spend your time. Imaginative hours with Matchbox, Dinky, Tonka and Hot Wheels added a huge fun factor to many a childhood.

A result of this is that many of us have failed to grow up. It's only the cost of our toys that has changed ... and we don't have to make "vroom, vroom" noises any more.

But this week brought the announcement of the ultimate failure to mature - and I for one am hugely impressed by it.

This genius display of childishness will take place at this weekend's X-Games in Los Angeles - the same place where Rally New Zealand winner Sebastien Loeb will be putting a 407kW rallycross version of his Citroen DS3 through its paces.


The trick is a simple concept, but its execution is a whole different matter. The six-storey Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare puts two cars racing side by side.

One driver is Tanner Foust, Top Gear USA host, multiple X-Games champ and Formula Drift champion.

The other is Greg Tracey, a celebrated Hollywood motorbike stuntman and six-time Pikes Peak class champion.

This streak of insanity will take place on Saturday, LA time, putting the pair through a 7G loop - that's fighter pilot territory - as they hit the loops at the optimal 83.6km/h speed.

It could end in some boundary-stretching glory ... or could go the other way. We'll let you know next week.

Also happening this weekend is that legendary UK car-fest, the Goodwood Festival of Speed so we'll be covering that next week as well.