Scott Dixon was 7 years old when he started kart racing at Pukekohe. Twenty-two years later, the New Zealander won the Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio to become the most successful driver in the Indy Racing League. He has won the championship twice and in 2008 won the Indianapolis 500. This month he took victory at the Belle Isle Grand Prix, Detroit. Dixon, who is 31, likes to keep good time. His greatest indulgence, he says, is having too many watches. He is married to Emma and they have two daughters, Poppy, 2 and Tilly, 9.

What does 300km/h feel like?

It doesn't really seem like you're going that fast. Everyone around you is going similar speeds. It's not until you hit a non-moving object then that's a horrible feeling. The best feeling for speed is when you move up categories through your junior career and everything seems so fast for the first 20 laps.

How fast would you like to go?


I think every racecar driver would like to go faster. Safety is big these days and they try to cap the speeds. If you let teams have their way and you could develop what, or however, you like, our cars would be going over 300mph (482km/h).

What derails you?

Being hungry. And bad time keepers.

What tests your focus?

Tiredness and travel.

What are you afraid of?

Not getting good results and something bad happening to my girls.

What pre-race ritual do you have?

I like to have a full stomach, I always like to put my right glove on before my left and I tend to get in from the left side of the car.

What thing would you most like to change about yourself?

I would like to be able to stop biting my nails and swear a little less.

What trait do you least like in others?

Lateness, and namedroppers.

What phrase do you over-use?

"Happy wife is a happy life." My mates and I say that quite a bit. At the track I probably use the phrase "another day in paradise" daily.

Your greatest assets?

Being a ginger ... and determined.

Last order, before your final pit stop?

Mighty Murph Big Ben Mince and Cheese pie.

What do you least miss about NZ?

My speeding tickets.