It is like Pauly has died again and we are in that huge emotional hole of shock and absolute despair.

We feel like we've gone back to day one. I can't believe it happened again. I couldn't look at the pictures of MH17. It's too real for us.

When I heard there was another husband with two young kids from New Zealand, I just thought of his wife. Sharlene, I know what you're going through. I'd love to take your loss and aching away.

Now, most likely, this will be the end of Malaysia Airlines. Why were they flying there? Why put themselves in the line of fire when they had the option to go around that air space?


After everything that's happened, they should have done everything in their power to make sure people were safe. That's nearly 600 people gone. Innocent lives. It's overwhelming.

I feel kind of guilty I didn't tell people not to get on Malaysia Airlines. I suppose you just couldn't ever fathom it would happen again.

I hope that all the governments put appearances aside and just find out what happened and let the families grieve in peace. I hope the Russians will hand over the black boxes and they haven't been tampered with.

For us, we're still living this nightmare. I've got two kids so I don't have the luxury of lying in bed all day and crying my heart out which is what I'd love to do every day.

I've got two kids to think about and I want to find my husband. He was my world, he was everything to me and I am not going to let him go. I owe it to him and our kids to find out where he is.

Danica's husband Paul was a passenger on flight MH370 in March