Hamilton has elected local businessman Michael Redman as its new mayor.

At 38 years old, Mr Redman is the youngest mayor of Hamilton city and one of the youngest in the country.

Mr Redman was elected ahead of eight other candidates including incumbent mayor David Braithwaite, local high school principal Martin Elliott and current city councillor Ewan Wilson.


The provisional voting result saw Michael Redman with 19,126 votes, more than 12,000 votes ahead of Martin Elliott with 6706, Ewan Wilson with 4761 and David Braithwaite 2302.

Hamilton has also elected six new city councillors. They are Gordon Chesterman, Daphne Bell, Bob Simcock, Joe Di Maio, Glenda Saunders and Maria Westphal.

Current councillors to miss out on re-election are Jody Garrett, Ted Armstrong, Mavora Hamilton, Jocelyn Marshall and Bill Ward. Brian Impson did not stand for re-election.

Michael Redman said he was delighted to be voted in as mayor of Hamilton.

"There has been a mood for change. Residents and ratepayers of the city have not been satisfied with the political performance of the last three years and as the new mayor I intend to work to bring about a change in the culture of the political wing of the Council. I believe there is a message in the fact that voters have elected someone like me with no previous local government experience, and at 38 years old someone with a relatively low public profile prior to the election."

Michael Redman has lived in Hamilton all his life. He was educated at St John's College in the city. He started his own marketing and communication agency, Redman Advertising, which was sold four years ago to an international advertising agency. Mr Redman is a part owner of the Australian National Basketball League team the NZ Breakers and he also has other business interests in Hamilton.

The new mayoress, Michael's wife Kelly Redman, is also in her thirties. The couple have three children, one school age and two pre-school.

A full list of voting results is available on the Hamilton City Council