Improvements to public transport are top of the agenda in Albert-Eden-Roskill, as residents seek to balance a need to accommodate the ward's growth with a desire to maintain their leafy green suburbs.

The ward stretches from Mt Eden to Mt Roskill, with the different suburbs having unique needs from the council.

Mt Albert Residents' Association co-chairman Sir Harold Marshall said he was concerned about the impact the planned development of the Unitec campus would have, with more than 1000 new homes planned, and the congestion this would bring along Carrington Rd.

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He said Mt Albert had been a "forgotten suburb" since the Super City amalgamation in 2010.

"It's definitely been neglected in the past but it's very much in better heart now and things are beginning to improve."

He said Auckland Council was beginning to engage more with Mt Albert residents and he was confident improvements would be made to the area's centre.

Auckland University Students' Association president Will Matthews lives in Sandringham, and said housing and transport were the biggest issues for students living within the ward.

"Those issues go hand-in-hand because the further out you have to move, the more expensive your transport becomes.

"If you're where I am, at the bottom of Sandringham, near Mt Roskill, you're entirely reliant on buses to get in [to the central city]. If the buses aren't running, it's impossible to get into the city.

"The availability and quality of public transport is a huge thing for people who are having to get up Dominion Rd or Sandringham Rd on a regular basis."

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Meanwhile, in Mt Eden village, people spoken to by the Herald were mostly indifferent to the elections.


Most were concerned about the area's growth, and how transport would be affected.

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