The latest episode of Celebrity Treasure Island has revealed an apparent contradiction in a statement Touchdown Television head Julie Christie made about Lana Coc-Kroft's near-fatal illness.

The contradiction was revealed last night on Holmes, which showed a clip from an interview with Christie on May 11.

In the interview, Christie said Coc-Kroft did not become ill until she left Fiji, where the show was filmed.

"She became ill when she was getting a commercial flight home," she told Paul Holmes.

But Celebrity Treasure Island on Sunday showed Coc-Kroft suffering the first symptoms of the toxic shock syndrome that almost cost the former Miss New Zealand her life.

At the start of the episode, she complained of feeling exhausted and injured. She had taken a "huge hunk of meat" out of her foot on coral five days earlier.

The cut was very sore and wouldn't heal, she said.

A day later, she was lying on the ground, unable to move, with a blinding headache.

She stayed on the small island for another day until she was voted off the show by her fellow contestants, who were concerned about her health.

Coc-Kroft told Holmes she then spent another two days in Nadi, during which her condition worsened.

Coc-Kroft and fellow contestant Charlotte Dawson said that in hindsight Touchdown could have done more to protect contestants' health.