Dad worked in the city. He was a city type, just like she was. She wandered over to her world map. When she was older, she was going to visit ten huge cities. Then she'd choose the one she liked best and live there.

She traced her finger over the nine she'd decided on already, their names rang in her mind like a poem: Amsterdam, New York, Manila, Vancouver, Paris, San Francisco, Beijing, Istanbul, Rome.

Cities. She just liked them _ the energy, the happenings,, the busyness of them. What if her parents did buy a farm? She shook her head. They wouldn't have to. Kate kept her horse on somebody else's farm. But it did seem weird. Why would her mother buy a donkey? Why did she even want a donkey? She shrugged and turned her mind to dancing instead.

Publisher: Scholastic

Age group: 10-14 yrs

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