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The next day he was at it again. In the elevator he asked Sheila Tubman, 'How much money do you have, Sheila?'

'That's not a polite question, Fudgie,' she told him. 'Nice people don't talk about their money, especially in these times.' Sheila gave me a look like it was my fault my brother has no manners. I hope she's not in my class this year. I hope that every year, and every year she's there, like some kind of itch you can't get rid of, no matter how hard you scratch.

'I'm nice,' Fudge said, 'and I like to talk about money. You want to know how much I have?'

'No,' Sheila told him. 'It's nobody's business but yours.'

Publisher: Macmillan.

Price: $14.95

Age group: 9-11 yrs

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