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How does one make that crucial transition from the here and now into a brighter future of one's own choosing?

Auckland psychotherapist and counsellor Kay Douglas (whose earlier books include Invisible Wounds) has interviewed 22 New Zealand women, some well-known (such as Women's Refuge spokeswoman Merepeka Raukawa-Tait, Telecom CEO Theresa Gattung and 35-year-old millionaire businesswoman Melissa Clark-Reynolds), some not so, to learn how they achieved their success.

Their stories are sometimes incredibly personal and honest and, as a result, are often inspirational. Their journeys are both inward and outward, and it is surprising how often a spiritual theme emerges. A most satisfying read, and very heartening.

Writes Douglas: "Because the women in this book are outstanding it is easy to fall into the trap of putting them on a pedestal and deciding they possess talents that enabled them to succeed where we cannot. In doing this we limit ourselves. We each have unique skills and talents we can develop, and special things that capture our imagination ... "