Herald rating: *

Review: Russell Baillie

Between campaigns for his Anglo artpop band, Blur guitarist Graham Coxon delivers a second solo album to get something out of his system.

Decibels mostly, it appears, as the dozen tracks of this scrappy collection are big on six-string squalls at breakneck tempo, at best on the stun-gun hardcore of Fags Failure but generally tedious on a run of discordant distorted ditties, many of them instrumentals and a couple of covers of post-punk outfit Mission of Burma.

But Lake features some nice Tom Verlaineish guitar, and the semi-acoustic Keep Hope Alive is the only thing here that could have come off Blur's last.


By the time Coxon offers up the jazz frivolity Oochy Woochy, The Golden D has even lost the courage of its noisy convictions and the urge to turn it off comes long before the temptation to turn it down.