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Review: Russell Baillie

While the critically-unloved DiCaprio movie itself might indicate the films of the Scottish team headed by director Danny Boyle (Shallow Grave, Trainspotting, A Life Less Ordinary) seem to be a on slippery slope Hollywood-wards, at least their soundtracks remain a cut above the rest.

Leo's misadventures in paradise come with a solid dance'n' dub pulse care of tracks old and new from Leftfield, Underworld, Unkle, Asia Dub Foundation, Faithless, Orbital and Moby and one Apocalypse Now-flavoured musical nightmare (Richard It's Business As Usual) from Barry Adamson. There's also pop, care of Sugar Ray (Spinning Away), Blur (a frantic remix of On Your Own), New Order (Brutal, their first new track in years) and - the only apparent concession to DiCaprio's fan base - the All Saints' high-lustre, dreampop single Pure Shores. Likable and arguably, the soundtrack of the film succeeds on its own terms better than the movie of the book.