A new mum has shared the note she received from a neighbour who was working from home demanding her baby stop crying.

Singapore-based mum, Geralyn Amy Yeh, shared the note on Facebook – that blasted the noise during the daytime as "inconsiderate". The note asked the mum to keep her door closed when the baby was crying, despite the hot, humid climate in Singapore, as the neighbour was "working from home".

But the mum got her own back on the person who had complained with her own letter.

In her response Geralyn poked fun at the neighbour's issue, stating she had given her five-month-old a "stern warning".


"I do not have the magic to stop her from crying or make her grow up faster so that she can communicate without crying," she wrote, while acknowledging the sound of an infant screaming "can get real irritating".

Her cheeky response has left people divided. Photo / Supplied
Her cheeky response has left people divided. Photo / Supplied

As the neighbour had asked Geralyn to shut her doors, she responded to that request, explaining that doing so would make her home "stuffy" which makes the baby "cranky".

The disgruntled neighbour had not only sent the letter which online users have labelled "rude" and "nasty", but had also popped around to the apartment where she'd had a word with Geralyn's nanny.

Geralyn also shared a screenshot of text messages from her nanny alerting the mum to the fact there was a "woman at the house complaining" about the baby crying.

"I would appreciate you don't to come over to shout or scold my helper as your behaviour scared her and my baby," she added.

Geralyn then had the last laugh, signing off the letter as the "parent of the innocent child".

The notes have received huge attention online as people debate who is in the right here – the neighbour or the mum.

"Shove off neighbour, it's called childhood," one said.


"Good reply, bringing up a baby is hard enough without this drama," another mused.

While one person said: "I would be upset if I received that note too."

However, others weren't so sure about the mum's reply, saying may have stirred the pot a little too much.

"Yeah she can't stop baby from crying. But after her snarky, self-entitled reply, I'd start playing loud music during the day while wearing noise-cancelling headphones to block it on my end," one said.

"The neighbour was decent enough to pay a visit to discuss it. Putting a grievance on Facebook is immature and petty," another added.

"The letter was polite – just do what you can to avoid disturbing the neighbours. Sounds reasonable to me," one woman reasoned.