If you're tired of falling for people only to find out they're not a cat person, then this new dating app might be for you.

A new app called Tabby promises to weed out the pet haters, solely designed for cat lovers, according to Metro UK.

It launched just in time for International Cat Day, created by sisters Leigh and Casey Isaacson, who also made the dating app Dig for dog owners.

A study earlier this year found that men who have cats in their dating profile photos get fewer matches. So Tabby creators Leigh and Casey decided to flip the "cat lady" stereotype.


Available on iOS and Android, or through their website, the app allows users to organise dates alongside cat play dates.

You can put in your cat's details alongside your own, and the app also offers deals from pet companies and advertises cat-themed events near you.

Influencers Sterling "TrapKing" Davis and Nathan Kehn, also known as Nathan the Cat Lady, are official spokespeople for the app.

"I know first hand what it's like to be sitting across from the person you care about, and have them look you in the eyes, and tell you that they want to be with you, but they don't want to live with cats," says Nathan, who owns four cats.

"That's a decision that I don't want anyone to ever have to face ever again."

Sterling says he wants guys to know that "showing compassion and rescuing cats it a great thing".

"If I can show other men that there are people out there who really appreciate what they're doing – maybe we can help them find love AND find more cats homes at the same time!"

A portion of the proceeds from the app goes to cat rescue groups, and the cats featured on the app's social media accounts and in marketing campaigns are available for adoption.