After a persistent stray dog wouldn't take no for an answer, a Brazilian car dealership accepted him with open arms into their ranks.

The dog was such a hit with customers that rather than simply housing him on the site, they decided to turn him into a company mascot.

Although the dog was adopted in May, the pooch only made international headlines this week after he was listed as an employee on the company website. His job title was "pawfessional consultant".

Earlier this year, staff at a Hyundai Prime dealership in Brazil noticed the same dog hanging around out the front of the store every day.


But instead of ignoring him, they decided to give him what he wanted — some love and attention.

After a particularly rainy night, the manager decided to take the dog in as his own.

So in May, the showroom manager Emerson Mariano bathed the dog, fed him and gave him a name — Tucson Prime.

Tucson was so popular with customers that he was soon promoted to an employee of the company by way of being a mascot.

Now the doggo is as happy as can be, complete with his own customised kennel with his name emblazoned on it.

The dog's owner, Mr Mariano, told media outlet Top Motors Brazil that many customers returned to the store even after having purchased a car just to say hi to the dog and give him gifts.

After his adoption, Tucson was taken to a doctor to get all the necessary vaccinations and has not only become a real member of the team, but he's even expected to star in a national advertisement campaign for Hyundai too.